At the core of Gentry Academy’s ability to build great leaders is the philosophy that true leadership does not come from a single characteristic but rather a collection of traits, values and skills that work together. W.I.N. time is the natural extension of this belief.

W.I.N. time is a block that allows students to direct their own learning and lets them choose the areas in which they want to develop and master their skills. Students are given the freedom to use their W.I.N. time to develop strengths and leadership in all aspects of life. W.I.N. time is tailored to fit individual goals and can be allocated among art, science, overall academic enrichment, internships and physical education.

We believe in treating and educating each student as a complete and unique individual. Students are provided with the freedom and structure they need to become the leader they want to be. Our instructors foster these goals by providing students with clear expectations of their performance and the support they need to be successful in all aspects of life. W.I.N. time is a unique chance for students to select the academic, physical education, art, and internship opportunities that will most enrich their leadership and life skills.

Facility fees will be charged for WIN time activities where additional facility fees are incurred such as ice rinks, lacrosse or soccer fields, or gymnastics courses. The approximate WIN fee where facility fees are incurred is as follows:

  • 5 day/wk WIN programs = $2,550/semester
  • 4 day/wk WIN programs = $2,050/semester
  • 3 day/wk WIN programs = $1,550/semester
  • 2 day/wk WIN programs = $1,300/semester
  • 1 day/wk WIN program = $750/semester
Student-athletes participating in the Minnesota state high school league for an elected sport are restricted from development with their coach in that elected sport during the off-season.