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About Gentry Foundation

The purpose of Gentry Foundation is to create, provide and encourage leadership development in local youth through athletic and academic programs.

Our mission supports the physical and intellectual health of the youth in our community, as well as highlighting and encouraging the development of leadership qualities that allow youth to excel in all aspects of life.

We are funded exclusively from private donors, both individual and corporate from the public sector and we seek to award 100% of all donations.

Financial Assistance

We are proud to deliver 100% of all donations to assist individual families or local organizations.

For Individuals

We assist individual families that are seeking financial support so their children may become involved in athletics, academics, or other leadership programs. The foundation will provide the necessary finances in the form of a scholarship for a youth to participate on a desired team or in a desired activity in our community.

For Organizations

We also aim to satisfy our mission of helping families in need through partnerships with organizations who are seeking financial assistance for playground construction, community leadership seminars, donations of athletic equipment, sponsorship of athletic camps and other student scholarships. Moreover, we also seek to provide funding to local parks and recreation departments to be used for educational and recreational matters.

Athletic Programs

The athletic programs and activities we select are managed and supervised by the members of the Gentry Foundation Board of Directors and volunteers who have experience in education, athletics, business, administration, finance, tax and legal. Such broad experience and exposure is necessary to foster the type of all-encompassing charitable environment we believe is so essential to creating the next generation of valued leaders in our community.

Student-athletes participating in the Minnesota state high school league for an elected sport are restricted from development with their coach in that elected sport during the off-season.